Artwork Specifications

1) Resolution (DPI)

Colour raster images should be 300DPI.

2) Color Mode

All Colour Model Should be converted to CMYK mode.

3) Bleed

3mm external bleed.

Text Margin should be 3mm inside from The trim mark.

4) Line thickness

Minimum line thickness: 0.25pt. Anything below that point will not hold on the press.

5) Fonts

All fonts must be Embed/Outlined.

6) Layers

All Layers MUST be attened in one layer. Pages

7) Spot Colour

All Spot Colour jobs must be provides in a spot separation or map to a 100% of a solid separation colour.

8) Black

All 100% Black background jobs must be converted to Rich Black using the Following Breakdowns C50% M40% Y20% K100% .

All BLACK text to be left as 100% black unless it is more than 50pt.

9) File format:

PDF Files only.